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15 Fairfield Street, SINY 10308

(718) 984-9800



110 Shafter Avenue, SINY 10308

(718) 984-7474



333 Midland Avenue, SINY


(718) 980-0235


Petrides (Inclusion Site)

715 Ocean Terrace, SINY 10301

(718) 556-0511


PS4 (Inclusion Site)

200 Nedra Lane, SINY 10312

Phone (718) 984-1197


PS30 (Inclusion Site)

200 Wardwell Avenue, SINY 10314

Phone (718) 442-0462


Parent Contacts

Busing Coordinator

Lisa Anderson: (718) 984-9800


Family Workers

Gina Corio (P37R): (718) 317-7146

Rene Panzella (GKHS): (718) 984-7474


Parent Coordinator

Donna Cornicelli:  (718) 948-4323


PTA Co-Presidents

AnnMarie Donato: (347) 622-9086

Susan Pugliese: (646) 496-3769


School Assessment

Elena Fischer:  (718) 317-7146


School Leadership Team Meeting Dates

Leadership Team meetings take place at the P37R Main Building from 3-5pm on the following Thursdays:

March 15, 2018

April 19, 2018

May 24, 2018

June 14, 2018


Announcements and Notices

P37R Middle School Program Relocation

Details regarding the relocation of P37R's middle school students to Intermediate School 2 can be downloaded here.

Chancellor's Regulations

The NYCDOE's regulations can be found at this link.


2016-2017 School Calendar

The calendar can be downloaded here.




School Calendar

February 2018 Events


February 28th: Open House "Turning Five" at Main Building (9:30am) - 15 Fairfield Street


March 2018 Events

March 1st:  Parent Workshop "Self-Direction 101" at CYO Center at Mount Loretto (10am)


March 3rd:  Transition Fair at The Hungerford School (10am)


March 6th:  Parent-Teacher Conferences at IS2



March 13th:  Parent-Teacher Conferences at Main and GKHS sites (5:30-8pm)


March 15th:  PTA Meeting at GKHS (9:45am)


March 22nd:  Parent Workshop "Self-Direction 101" at P37R Main Site (6pm)


March 23rd:  NYC School Survey Deadline





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