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15 Fairfield Street, SINY 10308

(718) 984-9800


Great Kills High School

110 Shafter Avenue, SINY 10308

(718) 984-7474



333 Midland Avenue, SINY


(718) 980-0235


Petrides (Inclusion Site)

715 Ocean Terrace, SINY 10301

(718) 556-0511


PS4 (Inclusion Site)

200 Nedra Lane, SINY 10312

Phone (718) 984-1197


PS30 (Inclusion Site)

200 Wardwell Avenue, SINY 10314

Phone (718) 442-0462


Busing Coordinator: 

Lisa Anderson

(718) 984-9800


Family Worker: 

Gina Corio

(718) 317-7146


Family Worker (GKHS): Rene Panzella

(718) 984-7474


Parent Coordinator:

Donna Cornicelli

(718) 948-4323


PTA Co-Presidents:

AnnMarie Donato

(347) 622-9086

Susan Pugliese

(646) 496-3769



School Assessment: 

Elena Fischer

(718) 317-7146


School Calendar

February 2018 Events


February 28th: Open House "Turning Five" at Main Building (9:30am) - 15 Fairfield Street


March 2018 Events

March 1st:  Parent Workshop "Self-Direction 101" at CYO Center at Mount Loretto (10am)


March 3rd:  Transition Fair at The Hungerford School (10am)


March 6th:  Parent-Teacher Conferences at IS2



March 13th:  Parent-Teacher Conferences at Main and GKHS sites (5:30-8pm)


March 15th:  PTA Meeting at GKHS (9:45am)


March 22nd:  Parent Workshop "Self-Direction 101" at P37R Main Site (6pm)


March 23rd:  NYC School Survey Deadline


Parent Resource Links

AHRC New York City

Autism Speaks Employment Toolkit Flyer

A Very Special Place Community Center

A Very Special Place Resource & Transition Coordinator
Eden II

Eden II ABA Services

Eden II Crisis Intervention Team

Eden II Evaluations

First Day of School Guide

Guardianship Process Assistance Letter


Iyaho Social Services for the Disabled

JCC Services for Special Needs Students

Non-Driver's ID Application

NYC Guide to Special Education

NYCDOE Parent Site

NYSID Car Service

NYCID (Connelly Center)

NYSID Evaluation Offer

NYSID Outings & Entertainment Events


NYS OPWDD Services

NYS Procedural Guidelines Notice

Parent to Parent of NYS

People First Waiver

Person Centered Care Services

PSCH Services

P37 Safety Plan Guide

SI Services & Agency Providers

SI Medicaid Office & Application Link

Staten Island Mental Health


School Leadership Team Meeting Dates

Leadership Team meetings take place at the P37R Main Building from 3-5pm on the following Thursdays:

March 15, 2018

April 19, 2018

May 24, 2018

June 14, 2018

After School and Respite Programs

AHRC Respite Services AHRC provides out-of-home and in-home respite opportunities.


AHRC Weekend/Recreational Activities:  These age-appropriate activities take place in the five boroughs of New York City on a year-round basis.


A Very Special Place After-School Respite The respite program is on Wednesdays and Fridays, after school until 5:30pm.


Community Resources OTPS Recreation Program The program is available to anyone who is 14 years or older, waiver eligible, and resides at home with family or 24-hour non-supervised IRAs.


Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive


Disability and Credit Scores

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs


Eden II Genesis After-School Programs
Monday-Friday:  3:30-5:30pm, for children ages 3-21. This is a Medicaid Waiver program. 


Extended Home Care for Special Needs Children


Financial Planning for Special Needs


JCC Summer Day Camp for Children with Special Needs:  Marvinís Camp for children with special needs provides an educational, creative, socially and emotionally safe environment for children and teens with special needs.

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling

Legal Resources for Special Needs


Minds at Play Staten Island Respite Program: Saturday Respite Program for parents of children with special needs, ages 3-6. 9am-1pm, 2 Saturdays each month.


Richmond County Day Camp:  Located at Mount Loretto.

6581 Hylan Blvd.  (718) 761-1492


Richmond Music: Music Therapy Social Skills Sessions: For children with autism spectrum disorders and children with developmental delays.

Rock Stars Rising:  Rockstars Rising is a program that was developed to help individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as individuals with developmental delays.


S.P.A. Overnight Respite


Staten Island Academy Day Camp Day Camp Dates for 2017:  June 12-August 18.  Closed July 3 and July 4


Staten Island Day Camp:  College of Staten Island  (800) 301-2267


Teacher Resources for Special Needs

Teen Weekend Respite


Tips for Disabled Persons to De-Clutter and Organize their Home


UCP Project Connect of NYC: Recreational Activities:  UCP of NYC helps individuals gain confidence, navigate their world with increased independence and develop meaningful friendships.


We Rock The Spectrum Kid's Gym:  We Rock The Spectrum Kid's Gym was founded to provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together.



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